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by Jornaya on June 11, 2018

SoftVu and Jornaya Partner to Help Lenders Intelligently Reach Mortgage Customers at the Right Time in a Tightening Market

Jornaya and SoftVu Partnership Combines Consumer Behavior Indicators with Marketing Automation Providing Lenders with a Differentiated Approach in an Increasingly Challenging Market

Jornaya and SoftVu have a strong history of helping lenders optimize their marketing programs and improve consumer engagement. With rising interest rates and increasing competition, mortgage lenders are challenged to find new and improved ways to engage and convert customers.

Through this partnership, mortgage lenders are able to leverage Jornaya’s proprietary consumer behavior-based intent signals to identify where each customer is in their mortgage shopping journey and automatically deliver relevant, timely, and targeted messages to those customers through SoftVu’s marketing automation platform.

The combination of the SoftVu and Jornaya Activate platforms provides lenders with a simple, turn-key marketing automation solution that intelligently times campaigns to customers showing high-intent behaviors, which are indicative of a customer being ready to obtain a mortgage. Lenders applying the in-market signals from Jornaya integrated within their Softvu marketing programs are seeing quick returns via increased conversions.

“Everyone is drowning in data, but it’s really all about what you do with it. That’s where companies like Jornaya and SoftVu come in,” said mutual client Jeremy Bowling, National Sales Manager at Union Home Mortgage. “We started out not getting intent data at all, now we’re not only getting it, but executing on it within the SoftVu platform, which has a huge ripple effect on our content strategy.”

“With the right intent data, marketing automation technology can truly deliver magic -- marketers are able to intimately understand the individual consumer journey, and apply that insight to inform a very specific and relevant customer experience,” said Ross Shanken, Founder & CEO, Jornaya. “Our partnership with SoftVu represents the first integration of the Jornaya Activate Platform with a marketing automation technology creating a truly differentiated solution. We are excited to help our mutual clients continue to increase conversions.”

Tim Donnelly, President & CEO of SoftVu added, “Softvu is the leader in helping mortgage lenders create the most relevant and effective marketing campaigns. Partnering with Jornaya to integrate consumer behaviors and intent data is a very valuable enhancement to our platform that continues our commitment to help lenders accelerate sales conversions.”

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SoftVu, founded in 1999 and based in Kansas City, accelerates your sales conversion rates by creating, managing, distributing and tracking direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns. Leveraging big data, machine-learning algorithms and marketing automation, we deliver repeatable and predictable results to our clients, optimizing lead management strategies. For more information about SoftVu, visit .

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